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Tips On Building The Perfect Baby Room Or Nursery


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Are you expecting a baby soon? Do you want to build him or her the perfect baby room? Then the below tips are exclusively for you…!

  • Choose your room wisely – selecting the right room to convert into a baby room or nursery can be a little tricky. You must remember that you’ll be spending a lot of your time in their, and running towards it in the middle of the night. Having it at a close distance from the master bedroom makes sense here. Apart from that, make sure it’s not a room that has wet walls; as it can affect the temperature of the room. You will have to invest on a room thermometer if so.
  • Select the right professionals for the job – you might be tempted to try and do the converting yourself. After all, it is for your baby that you are preparing. However, it’s important that you think logically. If you are planning on doing it while managing a full time job, chances are that you’ll have only a few hours free every week. This means your nursery will take a long time to get done. Remember that some pregnant women feel uneasy around the fume of paint…so the prolonged process can make them uncomfortable for a longer time. Consider hiring professional home builders to do the job for you instead…
  • Think of the long run in term or furniture – if you hired the best builders in Donnybrook you know for the job, then chances are that they’ll be done with the outside shell of your nursery faster than you think. Now, move on to furniture. It may be tempting to buy furniture that is cutesy and apt for babies; but remember that children do grow up. Instead, invest of a cot that can grow with your child, easily expanded into an adult bed.
  • The perfect floor for spills and messes – selecting the right floors for your nursery means you spend less time going crazy trying to save your floors. In our opinion, laminate flooring works like magic for baby rooms. Easy to install and fairly inexpensive, it will make cleaning up baby formula and mashed baby food so much easier…! Once your baby starts crawling around, you can install colorful play mats for him to explore with comfort.
  • Light control – babies pretty much have no idea about time. However, it’s important that you establish a proper nightly routine to help him sleep better, uninterrupted; helping him grow. Having control over the light in the room will help you put your baby down for naps, as well as create that “night time feel” for your baby. Choose sunlight blocking blinds and light switchers with dinners to help you with this.