Hunt Smart

The Property Game

This is what owning properties means to some individuals, it is all one big game, playing around with millions of dollars and having more real estate than an actual agency has on their books. The amount of money involved so large that it makes a fortune in interest every half hour or so and just to speak to the person in charge means that you are wasting thousands of dollars a second, this type of money means they are used to getting their own way and sincerely believe that if they come across a problem that they can’t negotiate out of then throw enough money at it and it will go away. The problem with all this is that most of the time it is true and it gives them a skewed perception of life, this is what everyone always says, that if you have enough privilege and position that you have no idea what real life is like. Get the full details right here. 

That is the most condescending statement, that is their real life, just because we don’t have so much money we could use some of it to wipe our butts, doesn’t mean that the under bank balanced get to make a judgement on those that have more, sure it would be nice to have all that cash and not have to worry about the bills and be able to go on holidays whenever you choose to, but it seems to cause nothing but trouble in the ‘real world’ if you have then someone else wants it. All the houses in the world won’t be able to compete with the fact that you are never truly going to know who your true friend is and the only way to be certain that you won’t have to worry about someone is if they have as much money as you. Even then it is not certain that they will not be using you for contacts so they can make more money, this is the one thing that does irk, how much money does a person really need. Fair enough in big business you are talking billions in investment and development but on a personal level, why go to the lengths some do to earn another billion, what is the point if the money just sits there, earning its tidy interest every day. These additional reading will surely get you inspired. 

When you have no clue how much you are actually worth in cold hard cash because you have so much money then I think it is time to stop and move over and let someone else have a go. It is sad that houses are bought merely to add to wealth instead of the purpose to which they were intended and that was to provide a home, a place to come home that you know is yours and is the achievement you have been aiming for all your working life.